Retreat is a form of pause—it is a time apart in solitude, a precious space in which we can see our world in a different light—acknowledge the grief, celebrate the gifts, and honor our own unique spirit without worrying about how others see us or what jobs still have to be done.”

Joan Anderson

helpful podcasts

Over a year after the lockdown, in June 2021, I was glad to join John-Paul Rodrigues for one of his “Justice in Pieces” podcasts, to discuss resilience, creative legal careers and so much more.

In June 2020, a challenging time globally, I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Bury of Blue Pond Coaching about “Keep Going – Building Resilience Today for Tomorrow.”  Have a listen to the podcast here.

My conversation with Jeena Cho on The Resilient Lawyer podcast went live October 2018. Give it a listen to learn more about my story and transitioning out of law practice.

WELL (Women Evolving and Leading in Law) ONLINE Meetup! In the spirit of fostering community and connection, Gina joined WELL founders, Melanie Goela, Ellen Schlesinger and Nicole Salama Tenenbaum on their first Facebook Live (Toronto, July, 2018)

OBA WLF – Career Management: Pressing Issues at the Forefront (Toronto, May 3, 2018)


We learn and grow by the power of Conversations.  I put together these opportunities for women to connect and learn from each other, and to take away some powerful tools to help move past any existing roadblocks and towards fulfillment.  Stat tuned for upcoming events

  • Re-Discover YOU!
    Step one of any career conversation includes the chance to re-connect with what truly matters to you.  Discover your strengths and values.
    Saturday, November 9th, 930am to 1230pm
    North York Central Library

Mindfulness – Some Fun Stuff to Train our Brain

We all know that mindfulness can help us keep our brains healthy, and help us get through our days better.  Word puzzles (eg word searches, crosswords) are an excellent, fun way to inject a little bit of mindfulness into our days.

I began doing a crossword puzzle each morning on my train ride into work – and the traveling became much more enjoyable.  My mom used to do word searches for years, and I remembered just how much I loved doing them, too, as a child.

So here are some word search puzzles I have created…and hope to add to over time.  Just click on the links and search away!

One puzzle encourages you to learn a bit about the island of Chios, Greece (where our future Women’s Retreat will be), and the other is about Changes (a topic important to us all).