You are amazing at distilling, synthesizing and framing opportunities. It’s a true gift. Thank you so much for our talk earlier! I will keep you posted.


Thank you for always being so supportive and enthusiastic and real. I consistently leave our sessions feeling energized and with a lot more clarity. It helps immensely in everything that I’m taking on, professional and personal- I can’t even tell you. Even if I don’t have it all sorted (wishful thinking, I know!), I feel like at least I’m moving in the right direction. I’m really happy to be working with you, Gina. Thank you again.


Thank you for your support throughout these years…I trust your work and your endeavours, and I appreciate how much you help students, lawyers and the legal industry at large.


I have to say after concluding our call, I’ve been processing parts of the conversation and I am thrilled I found you and this process, particularly at this juncture in my life.  I will benefit from this conversation and your strategies as I move through the next several months.   Thank you


This is extremely helpful! Like a roadmap. I’m always so very amazed at how clear you see things!


I just wanted to send you a ‘thank you’ for the coaching sessions I have had with you.  Through your counsel and support I have learned many things that I utilize daily both professionally and interpersonally.  Through your counsel and support, I have learned to look ahead in my career; to do my research which leads to a calm confident interview; to set small goals and achieve them; to go out of my comfort zone and network (and I am good at it!); to take courses and list them on my resume; and yes, to look out for good mentors!  Also, through your example, I have ‘polished’ my interpersonal skills, which has touched all areas of my life.